Twenty is Plenty and low traffic neighbourhoods


Encouraging to hear a former Top Gear presenter this am on the radio supporting 20mph speed limits in urban areas. London, where I live and work, is virtually 20mph everywhere and this is increasingly the case nationwide.

It certainly seems to be where the mood music is traveling and I wonder where Low Traffic Neighbourhoods fit into this.

These can be hugely controversial and there are several currently near me in the borough I grew up in, Haringey, which have really stirred motorists' anger

Twitter is ablaze and there have been several marches to the Council Head Office in Wood Green.

As always with legal changes, enforcement is all and motorists know that speed cameras are ready and waiting to catch motorists breaking speed limits ( 20's plenty )and indeed, catching motorists who go past road signs that forbid motorised traffic ( LTN's).

The ultimate prize however is not , in my view motorists' revenue but a decline in deaths and serious injuries and this is a prize worth working towards.

Already, cyclists have reported that they feel safer in 20 mph areas and that's because we ARE safer.

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