Substantial six figure victory in Northumberland , and it was the Garmin wot won it!


Just finished a brilliant case for a cyclist in Northumberland , a long long way from where we are based, it shows the power of the internet and how we are attracting more and more work from outside the London area. It also demonstrates the breadth of the cycling revolution and how it is not all about cities , this was a case from a hotel owner who was on a training cycle in beautiful countryside , hit from behind at around 60 miles an hour.

As with so many of our clients, he could not recall the accident because of his head injury and this put us at an immediate disadvantage since there was only one witness to the accident. The driver blamed us for moving across the road into the driver's path,a highly illogical manouvere.

We employed the expertise of an accident reconstruction expert who was able to do something that Northumberland police could not which was to utilise the cyclist's Garmin and cycle computer to assist with his findings.

The local police stated that this evidence was not admissible in the criminal courts and they did not prosecute ,a decision which we challenged.

Our expert was able to use the raw data supplied by our client to show where the cyclist's road position was leading up to the point of impact,this enabled us to push home the liability argument to bring the insurers to the table with, eventually and after much negotiation, an irresistible offer.

Expert evidence in orthopaedics , psychiatry , neurology and reconstruction evidence. It was also the first case where we sought and obtained payment for the Air Ambulance charity for their airlift costs of £4,000.

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