six figure victory for a channel swimmer


There are many feats of endurance I have taken on in my days, cycled 120 miles through the night on the Dunwich Dynamo four times , ran two marathons , several more half marathons, but swimming the channel ...?

Just completed a case for a lovely fortysomething  lady from south London who had done just that , along with many other amazing adventures, Lands End to John O'Groats and much more.

A significant knee injury for her was so much more devestating than for someone in a sedentary job since her job was showing others how to take on these incredible challenges. Understandably difficult for her to accept that her chosen career path may not be open to her in the future, making that central to the case that we built using orthopaedic, psychiatric and employment evidence.

Humbling to represent someone so willing to embrace bigger and bigger challenges.

Cycle Legal

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