Road rage fueled by the Daily Mail?


We have noticed a definite and concerning upturn in cases coming into the firm from road rage in the last few months, horrific leg injuries caused by alleged deliberate targeting of cyclists.

The most recent in the last few weeks has been the most alarming, a BMW driver in east London seemingly targeting cyclists and micro mobility users and simply using his vehicle as a weapon. Hopefully , he'll face the full force of the criminal law. With the abject resources of the Metropolitan Police at present, I am not sadly holding my breath.

Because this recent increase in road rage has also made the wider press and social media ,it is hard not to link it , at least to some extent, with the raft of negative headlines in recent months against '' killer cyclists'' and the age old (and still ridiculous) calls for registration plates and insurance.

I have been invited on to various media channels to offer the cycle legal perspective and there then follows a busy phone in when callers of all stripes chip into the debate. To be fair, most callers are fair minded, maybe the ranters weren't let on!

I've even heard in the last few weeks of stories of cyclists being intimidated or driven at and motorists showing them the front page of the Daily Mail through the window.

There is, it seems, little or no accountability to newspaper proprietors who publish this stuff , arising from a few ill advised comments from the then Transport Secretary ,Grant Shapps, the negative effects in terms of relations on the streets , and the risks to vulnerable road users, go on far longer.

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