Pushing the envelope with psychiatric injuryPushing the envelope with psychiatric injury


We're enjoying working with a cyclist at present who has had to cope with a shattered knee in the accident two years ago and then a pulmonary embolism (life threatening) a few months post accident and caused directly by the injuries sustained in the accident.

Not surprisingly,this combination of injuries hit her hard and she is one driven young woman.It would take a great deal to take her down.

We've asked the psychiatrist to comment on whether the cyclist taking a less stressful and lower paid job a year post accident was caused , on the balance of probabilities, by the knock to her mental health by her physical injuries.

If so, we aim to seek the earnings differential as part of her case to maximise what we can recover for her. Like most cyclists, she would impress any judge by her committed personality, just the kind of client we like to represent.

Interesting.The case continues.

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