public transport v cycling


The fag end of summer, a funny time, many people don't know whether to go into town or not to work, weighing up the commute or the home office. I know that some are very strongly either way although there are very few so anti social that they don't wish to ever visit the physical workplace ever again.

I had a clear thought recently while wearing a mask to travel across London on a train from seeing a client in Bromley, the heat of the mask against my face and the heat of the train from my fellow passengers, and the heat outside...I thought, bugger this ; I'm on my bike next time and I thought if I 'm thinking that, there will be plenty others who think exactly the same thing.

Even in the bleak midwinter, public transport is unfeasibly hot, with the proximity of passengers and the heat of the tube or the bus and the noise of the tunnels , cycling will be preferable in so many ways and even better, it will be safer from a Covid perspective also .

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