No Santander docking stations at the O2!


A feature of ageing, I'm the wrong side of a half century , is that you are more rarely surprised in life , sometimes in a good way and sometimes not so good!

I was genuinely staggered to find a few months back when cycling a Santander/ Boris bike to the O2 to meet my son for a Snoop Dogg concert ( great night ) that there was nowhere to park it ! WHAT!

When I started my company 7 and a half years ago, I campaigned as hard as I could for big venues, football grounds, concert venues,to encourage punters to cycle to and mostly from the venue.

I thought at the time that the hire bikes could particularly assist for this so that if punters drank alcohol at the event as many do , they could then return home on public transport.

I rock up to the O2 , having been mostly impressed by the Tooley St, / Deptford cycle facilities en route to Greenwich , and what do I find ? Nearest docking is on the north side of the river nowhere near the venue.

Only option I felt was to hide the bike behind some industrial bins and hope that it was still there after the show. To my very pleasant surprise, it was!

But the O2 and Santander haven't heard the last of this

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