Met Police and London Ambulance Service struggling to do their job


I deal with the police in every single case we act in , they attend every serious cycling accident as part of their job as they do every serious road accident of course of any kind.

I have a great deal of respect for the wonderful and traumatic job they have to carry out at road accidents and the evidence they gather from the scene , from parties involved in accidents, witnesses, CCTV,photographs from the scene and so much more.It's crucial for us to help us win cases for cyclists.

This is especially so since so many of our clients suffer head injuries and often have no recollection of what happened in the accident.They are so reliant on the first responders in that unconscious acutely vulnerable state.

Over the last year or so, I have witnessed case after case where they simply do not seem to have the resources to do even the most basic police investigation into what is an accident with life changing consequences for our client.

Because we only act in these serious cases , they are matters which justify a detailed police report , sometimes following a prosecution of the driver. What I am seeing is case after case where they are not even asking our client how the accident occurred before closing the investigation!

We have at least two formal complaints current against the police , mainly to simply stop them closing the case before investigating it properly. One case was where the cyclist lost his leg!

This is compounded by the agonising waits for ambulances that my clients are having to undergo, I met a chap a few weeks back who was taken to the Homerton Hospital by the police because the wait for an ambulance was too long and he had to be physically helped into the hospital by the police officers!

Worrying times for sure for the emergency services and any of us who could need them at any time.

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