Chetwynd and York NW5


Difficult time at present , dad's close to passing in a hospice in Hampstead after being in the Whittington Hospital in nearby Highgate since mid June.

One of the only chinks of light has been the cycle trips to and from ,particularly since he's been in Hampstead. The hills to climb on the leafy backstreets in Dartmouth Park and Hampstead have been quite a tester.

A ''sweet spot'' has been the junction of Chetwynd Road and York Rise in NW5,it's in a valley, the kind of junction I love discovering by bike,nice looking pub, Dartmouth Park Arms, vets, coffee shop,fishmongers, enough economic activity to make it a crossroads to visit and do business , even though it's the meeting of two backstreets. A lovely spot in this great city.

Cycle Legal

11 Northwold Road Stoke Newington, London N16 7HL