Big victory for Cycle Legal : First Net Zero Game at Spurs


On the day that a legend of the club Jimmy Greaves passed away at the age of 81, Spurs achieved another landmark in playing the first ever top flight carbon net zero game v Chelsea .

This is exciting, especially with the COP 26 Summit a few weeks away in Glasgow. Football and other large events eg music concerts, can be part of the solution, not just part of the problem.

I approached Spurs directly when we set up Cycle Legal in early 2016 , and then Haringey Council ; the stadium was still under construction and there was zilch on the club's website about fans travelling by bicycle to games. After some to-ing and fro-ing, I met with several representatives of the club .

We talked about green ways to arrive at the new ground, they told me all about the plans to upgrade WHL station and I said plenty about how the club could do so much more to encourage more cycling to the ground .

They made the good point that if there were too many hire bikes, there could be chaos outside the ground if they are just discarded by late arriving football fans.

Since those times of course, Covid has affected all of us, how we live and indeed ,whether and how we travel to football games .

Today is a great day however, part of the reason that I approached Spurs at the time in 2016 was because it's where I went to school ,and near to where I live and work. There is also CS1 the cycleway from Liverpool St to Tottenham that provides a great cycling route from town as well as even greener routes from Hertfordshire where so many Spurs fans are based.

Today is evidence that some of that cycling campaigning message has filtered through to the club and the fans.

Cycle Legal

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