Cycling Head Injury Claims - How to Claim Compensation from an Cycle Accident


You can claim compensation for a cycle accident, if it was not your fault. Your claim will be made against the person whose negligent driving caused your injury, the motorist at fault for the accident, ie, his or her insurers.

If your injury is a serious one, like cyclist head injury claims, resulting in traumatic brain injury or the loss of a limb due to a cycling accident, we know exactly how devastating the impact of such an event is, not just on you but on all those around you, your loved ones and family. Our first concern is for you, your recovery and planning your rehabilitation from your personal injury.

As a personal injury solicitor, we will take on the insurers to pursue a claim for you to achieve the correct and justified compensation to match the seriousness of the claim. We will push for advance payments in order to start the rehabilitation as soon as possible.

Rehabilitation From Serious Cyclist Injury Claims Are Our Top Priority

Through our decades of experience as solicitors dealing with serious injury claims for cyclists, we know how essential early rehabilitation is and how this plays a big part in your recovery. This is therefore always one of our top priorities when we work on these types of life changing accidents - to begin your recovery process at the earliest possible stage.

We will work collaboratively with the third party insurer, the insurer covering the responsible party in the claim, to cover the costs for this. In the life changing cases that we deal with, early psychological help is often even more important than physical therapy.

Injured Cyclists - Team of Medical Professionals to Assess the Compensation Package Needed

Our lawyers are keen cyclists themselves, and care primarily about you, and the life changing situation you have suddenly found yourself in, and how your recovery or future can be best served. We look at every angle of how life now and in the future may be affected following a bicycle accident and the serious injury caused. We will involve neurological, neuropsychological, neuropsychiatric and orthopaedic experts, among others in Occupational Therapy, Care and Employment, alongside rehabilitation, all building towards a compensation claim that will be a massive help towards dealing with the financial implications of a life changing event.

Yes, the compensation amounts in serious head injury claims or claims for the loss of limbs are large amounts, but it is not just about that for our team of cycle accident solicitors at Cycle Legal, it's about you and how to make sure you can make the best recovery. Don't worry, Cycle Legal are notorious for achieving successful compensation packages - just read some of the reviews from our past clients - but we all know that money does not fix everything. And this is why our first part of any claim for us is always based around your recovery and a plan for the injured cyclist's rehabilitation.

Serious injury claims require assessment from a team of experts in this field, including:

  • neurological
  • neuropsychological
  • neuropsychiatric
  • orthopaedic
  • occupational therapists
  • rehabilitation from injuries plan

Depending on the injuries suffered, Cycle Legal will form the relevant team of medical experts to review the injuries sustained. For cyclist head injury claims, a lot of the experts involved are connected to neurological medical field.

Cycle Legal - Cycle Solicitors Experienced in Cyclist's Serious Injury or Brain Injury Claims

Our main body of work that Cycle Legal solicitors take on involve serious injury claims caused from bike accidents, and specifically incidents that have caused serious injuries, brain injury, loss of limbs and all types of catastrophic injury related to bicycle accidents.

A selection of Case Studies shown on this website cover some of our past successful cycle accident claims. Cycle Legal are renown for dealing with the following types of cycle accident injury claims:

  • cyclist head injury claims
  • cyclist brain injury claims
  • cyclist head trauma claims
  • cyclist loss of limb claims
  • cyclist loss of leg claims
  • cyclist loss of arm claims
  • cyclist catastrophic cycle injury claims
  • cyclist broken bones from a bike accident
  • cyclist skull fracture claims
  • cyclist spinal cord injury claims

This has come from a long history of representing cyclists who have suffered life changing injuries and we are perfectly placed to deal with all arguments commonly raised against cyclists in order to reduce compensation payments, arguments like, for example, neglect for failing to wear a cycle helmet. It is at the cutting edge of what we do here at Cycle Legal.

Let’s make it clear from the start, at Cycle Legal we are not about chasing down insurers for over inflated compensation claims for minor incidents, we are not ‘ambulance chasers’ and we do not get involved in cases where claimants are seeking a quick windfall from a minor injury.

Our expertise in this field, as a personal injury lawyer, is building up a strong legal case, backed by evidence from a range of medical experts, and claiming justified levels of compensation for what is quite often, serious life changing injuries, and genuine personal injury resulting from a bicycle accident. Cycle Legal has a very strong record in pursuing successful cycling accident claims - read our Case Studies and Reviews to hear more about our case results.

For Cycle Legal, it’s also about fighting for your recognition as a cyclist, it’s your life that has been significantly and suddenly changed, and recognition of your future needs is central to ensure that your future journey is as comfortable as we can make it.

Serious Bike Injury Claims, Claiming Against the Insurers

As mentioned previously, throughout our years of experience, we have been confronted by most of the arguments that the Third Party Insurer raise in court. In the case of the argument regarding the 'wearing of the cycle helmet', not only does a defendant insurer have to show that the head injury would have been reduced from a neurological perspective, they need to show it from an engineering perspective as well. ( Smith v Finch 2009 ).

Accordingly, we have a cycle helmet engineering expert, Bryan Chinn, as well as a range of medical experts to provide medical expertise in our cases.

Such is the range of symptoms that the following experts are almost always essential in brain injury

  • Neurological, to assess severity of traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Neuropsychological, to test intellectual function that has often been impaired
  • Neuropsychiatric, to assess mental capacity
  • Neuro rehabilitation, to advise on the most appropriate rehabilitation package for us to fight for
  • Neuro Otological, to assess balance, often impaired following a TBI
  • Neuro Radiologist, to assess radiology , CT , MRI and any further scans that may need arranging.

There are so many issues that arise in a cycling accident claim when the injury is a serious, life changing one, like a traumatic brain injury, other head injuries or loss of limbs sustained by a cyclist.

The severity of the TBI varies widely of course and often the outcome is that the cyclist can return to work but cannot perform their previous role to anything like the same standard, thereby limiting career progression and possibilities.

Whilst it is dangerous to generalise, our experience is long and it is almost always the case that cyclists perform intellectual rigorous tasks at work and these are often beyond them following a TBI.

It is the subtle brain injury therefore that is often what we are dealing with, although, we are also highly experienced in catastrophic brain injury that renders a cyclist unable to walk unaided, unable to talk and dependent on carers for the rest of their life.

In such cases, we have been instructed to act as deputies by the Court of Protection where the cyclist is unable to manage their own affairs following the accident.

Need to Talk or Ask for Advice Following a Bike Accident Injury

We are here to help and assisted injured cyclists, so please, feel free to give us a call or email us from our Contact page if you need some guidance or even if you just need to ask a couple of questions. We don't do 'hard sell' at Cycle Legal (we don't need to!), so feel free to get in touch.

Reviews of Cycle Legal from past Cycle Injury Claimants

Read the reviews here from our previous clients for whom we have successfully won substantial personal injury compensation on behalf of and you will understand exactly what we can do for you at what is likely to be one of the hardest times of your life. If you simply want to discuss what you can expect from a personal injury lawyer in such a bicycle accident case, please feel free to get in touch.

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