Kevin O'Sullivan | September 19, 2020

Cycle Accident Claim – Hillmarton Road & Parkhurst Road, London

Cycle Accident Details

Whilst waiting at a 'Give Way' line, the cyclist was suddenly hit from behind by a bus pulling up to the junction with Hillmarton Road and Parkhurst Road.

Injuries Incurred from Cycle Accident

The client suffered tissue injury to their hand, cuts and grazes to knees and left thigh and suffered from a sore lower back.

Bicycle Incident Report

At 10:30am the client, a cyclist, pulled up at the 'Give Way' road markings at the junction of Hillmarton Road and Parkhurst Road. Whilst waiting for traffic to clear, her bicycle was suddenly hit from behind by a bus. Shocked, the client fell from her bicycle and ended up underneath the bus. She then managed to crawl to safety. The client called the police who advised her to exchange details with the bus driver as they would not be attending the scene. The client later reported the accident at a police station.

Kevin O'Sullivan acted for the injured cyclist.