Kevin O'Sullivan | September 19, 2020

Another bike stolen!

I can't help but feel some personal responsibility for this one. It was Xmas Eve and it usually falls to me to join the butchers' queue on Church Street. I parked my bike outside The Spence. Once the turkey arrived (after an hour of a queue ), I knew it wouldn't fit in the panniers and it was a walk home. I couldn't manage all my stuff together and so left the bike. With all the Xmas hysteria at home I didn't think of what I was missing and didn't think till 3 mornings later when I put a bin in the bike shed and saw it missing, cue a depressing walk to Church Street to find no bicycle. boo hoo indeed!
The last time this happened to me, (6 months ago ) I discovered that a racing bike suits me far better than a hybrid and I'm determined to find a positive in this one too, not sure what it will be yet! ... picking up new bike on Monday.