Kevin O'Sullivan | September 19, 2020


Cycle Accident Claim - Tulse Hill, South London

After a car pulled out of a side road without due care, it forces the cyclist to lose control and cause both damage and injury. Kevin O'Sullivan dealt with the claim on behalf of the cyclist and made a claim against the car driver.

The cyclist suffered injuries, including grazing/road rash all down the left hand side of their body.

Details of Cycle Accident

Whilst cycling in Tulse Hill (A204), the cyclist approached the driveway leading to Tulse Hill Estate when a car pulled out from the driveway and right in front of the cyclist and attempted to turn right. The claimant could not prevent an accident from happening, although tried to avoid the collision.

Kevin O'Sullivan, Cycle Legal main solicitor, successfully made a claim against the car driver who used the incident.

This is the testimonial from the cyclist following the claim payout.

I just want to thank you for your help with this matter. I'm delighted with the settlement that you've helped achieve for me, but in addition I've been impressed with the efficiency and speed with which you've handled everything. It's been a pleasure to deal with you and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services to anyone requiring them.