Kevin O'Sullivan | September 19, 2020

Hire bike scheme great for a one way trip!

It occurred to me some time ago that the hire bike scheme (on which I'm campaigning to be fully extended into zone 2, more of that another time) is perfect when you're only going one way by bicycle.

Last night, I was at a presentation at my son's school in Pimlico and knew me and him would tube it back home afterwards. Perfect trip for a hire bike so I didn't have to park my regular bike up there overnight. Especially since I had a bike nicked only a few months ago and bike thieves love the cover of darkness.

Tonight, I'm meeting some old friends in Smithfield for a couple of drinks, same story; will be taking the bus home so it's a hire bike to Smithfield. Will contact Santander to suggest they mention this in their publicity. In fact, do they do anything to sell the scheme? One way trips would be a good place to start.