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”Your bike needs some love.”

by Kevin O'Sullivan | July 1, 2020 | Uncategorized

This is what the very nice bike mechanic said to me a few weeks ago (Hackney Peddler N16 8AA) when he helped me back on the road after my chain came off and despite my best efforts , I could not re attach it.  He wouldn’t accept my offer of money.”Your bike needs some love .” Great line.

For the last two weeks  , it’s been receiving that love , and I phoned them again today to see if it was ready . Daycocks N16 8BP are a very different kind of bike shop but no less accommodating. Lovely people.

After having so many bikes stolen , I’ve ventured into the second hand market and am possibly paying the price , a new cassette , a new chain and a few other odds and sods.

All bike shops are struggling with the demand of course in these corona times and it’s hard just to book a bike in for repair.

Finally picking it up tomorrow and will be treating myself and the bike to a long spin to see how it feels…

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