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As I cycle through a locked down and deserted London…

by Kevin O'Sullivan | April 25, 2020 | Uncategorized

Yesterday, I had a wonderful experience cycling through London as my one daily exercise blast.I left the office in Stoke Newington at 2 pm with a plan to return around 4pm  and I realised very early on that i could for once stick to the main roads instead of the backroad cycle routes that i know so well.

Cycling as though I am a 38 bus , I told to myself as I tootled along, Albion Road, Newington Green, Essex Road, and onward into the West End.

The reduced noise was the first thing that struck , the streets were not completely empty of course , plenty of buses , many completely empty of passengers. There ‘s quite a few roadworks going on , sensibly timed for lockdown to minimise disruption.

I spoke to a guy on a penny farthing, we hoped the roads would stay like this forever .

The new space around me and the massively reduced noise enabled me to appreciate buildings that I felt I was seeing for the first time, a lovely church by the Royal Courts Of Justice , the bells playing that lovely tune from every London playground, including mine,Oranges and Lemons.

As I cycled along, I sang to myself, as I thought of bills I need to pay,”when will you pay me , said the bells of Old Bailey ! ”

So much to enjoy and so much to return for ,there’s around two weeks left of lockdown it’s looking like, and as Arnold Schwarznegger once apparently said, (I’ve never seen the films), ”I shall return.”

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