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batteries for bike lights, AA are out , lithium are in.

by Kevin O'Sullivan | January 6, 2020 | Uncategorized

Not the sexiest of subjects but the kind of tiny thing that can make a life or death difference.

The back light on my bike (Boardman racer ,not anywhere near as good as the Boardman racer that was nicked while I was queueing for a turkey three Christmases ago) has been dead for days and I thought it was going to be a USB job as so many are these days .

Was going to drop off a birthday cake at my niece’s a couple of miles away tonight but no back light in January ? Will drop it off in daylight tomorrow.

It’s two coin type lithium 2032 batteries and Halfords were out , so online it is .

A front light is irrelevant for a vehicle to see you from behind just as a back light is with vehicles coming towards you.

High vis is great from either direction of course but not a legal requirement whereas front and back lights are.

Be safe , be seen;  a cliche of course, but not a cliche to argue with. Especially in January.

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