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Settlements galore Xmas 2019

by Kevin O'Sullivan | December 23, 2019 | Uncategorized

It’s been a phenomally busy end to 2019 at Cycle Legal.

A barrister told a client in a November conference that ”insurers tend to be more generous coming up to Xmas”, less to do with the festive spirit (fat chance !) and more because they want cases off their books by the year end.

We were meeting in conference to discuss surveillance since the client had been videoed and had her Facebook account and those of her siblings and parents all sent to us and introduced as evidence. Intrusive and upsetting but that’s personal injury litigation sadly.

There followed a December joint settlement meeting which lasted all day and ended with our opponents,insurer, two solicitors and a barrister , four of them, all stomping out. Whilst there was no agreement on the day, we were only 5k apart and we managed to find enough common ground in the following week to resolve it.

Four and a half years of contested litigation, nice when it works out right.Client sent us a Festive Treats Hamper from John Lewis which was absolutely lovely of her. Someone who showed real level-headedness under relentless attack from the defendants,we advised her that this will stand her in very good stead for the future.

There are not too many life experiences mentally tougher than being a claimant in a big personal injury case, insurers will do anything to ensure they cut you off without a cent.

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