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Hit and Run in Islington,police too under resourced to catch the driver.

by Kevin O'Sullivan | November 11, 2019 | Uncategorized

The harsh reality of living under such swingeing government cuts was again brought home to us at Cycle Legal late last week. A new instruction , young mother left for dead in a hit and run in Islington (cyclists and pedestrians are the predominant victims of hit and runs) and a bus driver who saw everything and stayed until the police arrived.

He volunteered his bus camera which almost certainly would catch the vehicle registration of the offending car , he couldn’t do anything more , good on him.

Police tell our client that they can’t obtain bus footage unless the bus is involved in the accident , we know this is absolute rubbish and is their way of managing their resources and letting the driver away scot free.

There is also local authority cameras at the scene which might help us find the car and the offending driver.

Because we have been instructed early on , we have written to the police , the council, a nearby school and the bus company as soon as we obtain their details from the police.

The all important 30 day window before footage is deleted and gone forever gives us a chance , to put it bluntly, to do the police’s job for them.

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