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Death by dangerous cycling ? Really ?

by Kevin O'Sullivan | August 13, 2018 | Uncategorized

Government proposals to introduce a dangerous cycling law just show how lop sided their priorities are .450 pedestrians killed on UK roads in 2016 and 3 of them by cyclists.Yes, a law that describes ‘wanton and furious cycling’ is clearly a law for another time and needs updating but it’s cyclists who need more protection, just as much as pedestrians do .

They  are far more likely to be the victim than the perpetrator.

Recent fine work on the ‘close pass’ by West Midlands police shows just how vulnerable a cyclist is every day.Just one false move by a motorist and a cyclist is dead or seriously hurt.

There’s a hierarchy of vulnerability on our roads , pedestrians especially kids and the elderly , are at the top.

Cyclists are a very close second.

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