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Dunwich Dynamo 2017

by Kevin O'Sullivan | July 11, 2017 | Cycle Enthusiast

It was the fourth time I cycled to Dunwich through the night and without doubt the hardest !It’s funny how your own memory plays tricks on you,I convinced myself and the others with me who were first timers, that it was flat all the way !
We agreed on 5 stops ,each roughly 20 miles apart,Moreton,Finchingfield,Sudbury,Needham Water(lovely spot) and Framlingham.Saddle soreness was the most popular topic.
So many thoughts as I cycled along,my dad’s unwell in hospital and it felt a little cathartic,the movement ,the motion of thoughts moving forward after the days spent around a hospital bed.One of the good things about the Dun Run is that you can easily be away from London less than 24 hours,as long as your lift is sorted. The train won’t let your bike on until the inter city at Ipswich ( and only then with a booking ) ,it’s a measure of the ride’s success that the train isn’t the option it once was.
The thought I enjoyed along the way and leading up to the Saturday evening start in London Fields was that there is ‘no point’ to the Dun Run,in that it’s not a sportive,it’s not for charity and it’s no religious pilgrimage !
But that in a way IS the point; what is it about humans that makes them want to join together and do something together that achieves no direct purpose ? A lovely thing to ponder as you enjoy the beautiful sunrise that came at us,fat and pink, at around 4 am,and the lovely atmosphere all the way to the sea.

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