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by koscycle | October 3, 2016 | Bicycle Accident Claims

After a car pulled out of a side road without due care, it forces the cyclist to lose control and cause both damage and injury. Kevin O’Sullivan dealt with the claim on behalf of the cyclist and made a claim against the car driver.

The cyclist suffered injuries, including grazing/road rash all down the left hand side of their body.

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Cycle Accident Claim – Hillmarton Road & Parkhurst Road, London

by koscycle | July 12, 2016 | Bicycle Accident Claims

Cycle accident claim which Cycle Legal Solicitor Kevin O’Sullivan acted for the injured cyclist. Whilst waiting at a ‘Give Way’ line, the cyclist was suddenly hit from behind by a bus pulling up to the junction with Hillmarton Road and Parkhurst Road. The claim was later settled.

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