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Submission to APPCG Justice Enquiry

by koscycle | January 23, 2017 | APPCG Justice Enquiry

The overwhelming issue of the moment is how Government cuts to public services are impacting upon criminal justice in cycling cases.

One of the best things about early instruction after an RTA is that local authority or TFL CCTV should be available within a 30 day window, after which it is deleted.

To my amazement, when a client of mine was seriously injured on a very busy main road, Vauxhall Bridge Road, the police did not automatically request from TFL the footage that was clearly present to inform the police investigation.

Because I was instructed within 30 days, I was able to obtain the footage myself and forward it to the police to consider and review their investigation after they had already closed their enquiries.It is only this footage that now gives my client any chance of winning his civil case after sustaining a life-changing leg injury. He should have been able to rely on the police to do this for him.

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